It’s not what you think

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It’s not what you think

The First Ten Words by Rich Larson

Chris Cornell, 1964-2017

Chris Cornell died early Thursday morning. He hanged himself in the bathroom of his hotel room in Detroit.

For two days, I’ve been working on a piece to pay tribute to him, and it’s been a struggle. Usually when I have a problem like this it’s because I’m staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what I want to say. That’s not the problem this time. The problem is I have way too much to say.

I’m not going to sit here and claim to have been a huge fan of Soundgarden. I didn’t dislike them, I just had to take them in small doses. I was a fan of Cornell. I love “Seasons,” the solo song he had on Cameron Crowe’s movie, Singles. It’s a droning acoustic song about isolation and the meaningless passing of time. Your basic nihilistic statement written at what was…

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Man Used Internet Registry to Track down and Beat Pedophiles and Sex Offenders With A Hammer


Image result for the alaskan avenger

The “Alaskan Avenger,” a victim of molestation and abuse as a child, is accused of vengefully attacking pedophiles with a hammer, using the online registry to find sex offenders.

According to Alfred NG of NY Daily News, using Anchorage’s public online sex offender registry to locate up to three offenders, Jason Vukovich allegedly broke into his victims’ homes and bashed in their heads with a hammer in June.
NG says, “One of his victims landed on the sex offender registry 10 years ago, after pleading no contest to attempted sexual abuse of a minor.”
“He said, ‘I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to mete out justice for the people you hurt,’” Wesley Demarest, one of the people Vukovich tracked down, told a local news station.
Police said Vukovich was arrested the same night he allegedly hammered in Demarest’s skull. Police also found a notebook with his victims’ names listed in…

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Thinking of Becoming a Vegetarian? Well, You Can’t.

Drexel News Blog

SmithVegCoverWe all have that one snooty friend who is always talking about the ethical reasons for his vegetarianism. Well, now you can prove him wrong.

A new book by Andrew Smith, PhD, an assistant professor of philosophy in Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences who specializes in environmental philosophy, makes the case that there isn’t a morally defensible argument for vegetarianism, and in fact, you can’t even actually be vegetarian. The book,  “A Critique of the Moral Defense of Vegetarianism,” was released by Palgrave Macmillan this month.

Daniel Quinn, author of the award-winning philosophical novel “Ishmael,” said of the book: “This is one of the most important books I’ve read in the past two decades, and I think you’ll agree, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or neither. It will change your mind in significant ways (it did mine), and you’ll enjoy the process, even if it means relinquishing some assumptions…

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On: The death of bedside nursing (and why it should matter to everyone…)

On: Purpose

This picture looks old and grainy because it is. That is me in nursing school, almost ten years ago (I’m screaming internally). Sit down because I am about to get serious with you and let you in on a scary reality that most nurses know but don’t talk about.

The face of nursing is changing. It has been. It is not a good thing.

A family member was recently admitted to the hospital. I accompanied her to get her settled on the floor and in doing so met her nurse, who was being trained by another nurse  (we will call her Mary). Mary and I got chatting and she explained that she trained for a period in my unit during her nursing education. Upon discussing this she mentioned shadowing a nurse that had been on my unit a short period of time and had left. From my calculations she shadowed a nurse…

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Akvan Brings Zoroastrian Poetry and Iranian History to Black Metal

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